Windows on wooden house

  Keep your building comfortable and secure
  JG Construction can ensure the details of your construction make a tremendous impact in the comfort and reliability of your home or commercial space.

Wooden door
Windows of log house

Increase your curb appeal

Every homeowner is after that all-important curb appeal. This is the beauty and draw of your home when it is seen from the exterior. Curb appeal is also important to businesses, as it gives an impression of quality and reliability, and welcomes customers to visit.

Let us help you increase this appeal for your own enjoyment and the benefit of your property value.

  • SAVE by painting your siding – choose from a wide variety of colors
  • Add new siding – cedar, log, wood panel and vinyl siding available

You can also make a dramatic impact on the look of your home while increasing its comfort and security by replacing or adding new windows and doors. Choose from an array of designs and features to fit your personal aesthetic and existing structural elements.

Boost the comfort and efficiency of your space

The primary purpose of your home or business is to provide shelter – and you want to ensure that shelter is comfortable. One of the most important elements of comfort is temperature control. Year-round comfort can be achieved through proper insulation.

Insulation allows you to modify the temperature within your home to keep it comfortable throughout the seasons and helps prevent damage that can be done due to temperature and moisture extremes.

We offer both rolled and blown-in insulation for new and existing construction to ensure your home or business keeps you comfortable and protected.

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